Our Story

Our company was founded in 2012 by London based conceptual artist and designer Graham McLoughlin. Who saw the need for a 'city' satchel that could simplify everyday journeys by perfectly fitting into the basket of the London, Montreal, New York and San-Francisco hire-bicycles.

What started out as an experiment into generating 'positive impact' by investing into a local product economy. Using local expertise to manufacture the ‘London Satchel’ an item that in turn filled the local need (with over ten thousand journeys made by Hire-bicycle everyday) for a 'functional-yet-elegant' read 'London' bicycle satchel. Making kick-ass products and predominately selling them directly online has also helped to define our local product economy model. 

This initial foray has shaped our purpose, our company values and if-you-like our beliefs ever since. We take pride in supporting local manufacturing and skilled expertise which (in turn) helps us learn and refresh our ideas. Whilst it also helps closely communicate our story and sell our products, directly at a fair price.