Spending 5 Hours Hand Brushing 101 Buckles

Sometimes in life 'shit happens...

Even when you've done research, your planning, done further research, secured competitive costings and arranged lead times from suppliers, all ahead of pressing the long anticipated 'GO' button. Yet these well rehearsed and meaningful actions can also be combined, to serve up a testing and anti-climatic outcome.

Our idea had been simple enough, 'to create minimalist closures for our backpacks, with fewer moving parts'. Taking inspiration from life jacket closures and existing Borough products, by laser cutting bespoke closures from 2mm marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Receiving sub-standard items from a new supplier, left us with an a expensive box of unusable fittings and a dilemma. We decided to painstakingly hand finish each buckle, only after more product testing we realised yet more time and money (spent machine tumbling and mirror polishing) would be required. Frustrating as this was, we knew that we had to find a usable solution. So once we researched, spoke with factories and contacted recommended suppliers. Then finally our persistence prevailed, and the bespoke buckles now look great!